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September Editorial

September 2004

The Editor discusses the Olympic Games, English Cricket and gets the odd dig in at our national leaders

Hello again,

Before I start, can I re-assure all readers of the Village Pump that the resignations of Patsy Lewis and Mary Garn from the Committee are in no way related to Sven Goran Eriksson or Mark Palios of the Football Association? Neither intends to sell their story to The Methwold times! Nor is there any suggestion of sexual favours being granted by the Subscription Secretary and/or the Collation Manager despite the recent hot weather! In seriousness, I would like to record my thanks to Patsy and Mary for their sterling work over the past year.

Well, it looks as if my gibe at the England cricket team had the desired effect. As I write, England are 2 - 0 up against the West Indies in their current four test series. For once, it is Brian Lara, the WIndies captain who is coming in for all the flack! What a pity my remarks didn't have the same impact on the England football team? Why is it that all these middle-aged men so love to play away? And why are they so attractive to these bright young things? Is it the smell of embrocation, I wonder? If so perhaps the Corner Shop could start selling it (on second thoughts perhaps that is why Gerald is such a frequent visitor to the said premises)?

So what did you think of the latest government gimmick - Preparing for Emergencies, What you need to know? Does its' content really justify all the millions it cost to produce or does it truly give you the re-assurances you need in these troubled times? Perhaps you could drop me a line to express your views. Putting a personal perspective on the booklet, I seem to remember being taught most of its' content when I was in the St John Ambulance Brigade about 60 years ago.

Did you experience the swarms of Hover flies? From what I hear from various people, we in the Wissey Community got off light compared to Hunstanton. I didn't know whether to be pleased or sad about our lack of the beasties especially when I read that their main diet was aphids and greenfly. But I am concerned about the latest infestation being forecast by the Environmental Agency. It seems that weather conditions, coupled with latest farming techniques, almost guarantees that we will be subject to swarms of wasps before the summer is out. So be watchful; keep an eye out now for the tell-tale signs of wasp nests. I have experienced two such unwanted guests and it took me hours to get rid of them and on each occasion I suffered numerous wasp stings. Be particularly careful if you have young children around.

I have to admit that, as always, I am looking forward immensely to the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Athletics has always been my first love. I am, however, stunned to learn of the security operation being mounted to protect VIP guests invited to the games. One paper claims that this protective operation represents the mightiest military force assembled since the Gulf war. By far the bulk of these forces are deployed to protect VIP guests, particularly those like Tony and Cherie Blair who will be housed in the QM2 which will be docked in the port of Piraeus alongside eight other liners chartered by the Greeks to accommodate VIPs. The athletes will be guarded by Greek armed guards and the American team will bring along 150 secret service agents for protection. For our part, the British Olympic tam has a special security squad led by armed Scotland Yard Officers. What ever happened to the Olympic ideal?

Or did the recent war with Iraq not achieve its' primary aim of making the world a safer place?


Ray Thompson

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