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"Runnin' On".

September 2004

A gentle ramble through life as seen by our Janet

This month seems to have got off to a racing start, I have managed to mislay several pieces of paper with things that I thought would make interesting light reading for you. Never mind, inspiration sometimes increases as I get into the mood! Sometimes when I'm writing a letter to a friend I get carried away and wonder where all the small pieces of news have been stored.

I know when I think about some of my long term pals I find myself having a giggle about the things we used to get up to. I'm still in touch with a school friend who emigrated to Australia years ago, we exchange news and on her rare visits back to the U.K. she comes to stay with us bringing news of school friends who she has stayed with. Mr T and I have an open invitation to go and stay with our old pals, I must say it is a temptation and we sit and consider the offer when the winter starts to show its worse side.

It is funny how we still get excited about snow; it is short lived though when the cat comes in and shakes his snowflake collection all over the carpet. We know he'll have a quick snack and then ask to go out again! Luckily the kitchen carpet is a tough old thing and the snow is soon cleared up.

Just a few comments on some of the things that I have read in the paper, or heard on the radio or T.V. One article said that we mustn't smile for our passport photos, well I don't agree with that, I bet most people smile as they hand their passports over to the official, and then they will look just like their photograph. Of course this theory of mine will only work if the traveller isn't too tired to raise a grin!

Another piece of information in our newspaper states that we will have to pay a "bin tax", people will be charged for the amount of unsorted waste they leave in their bins. Our waste is all sorted in the appropriate containers already provided by the council. We sort out the waste, rinse out the tins etc and tie the newspapers in packs. I don't think we can do much more, our garden rubbish we take to the excellent recycling depot.

Well that has got a load off my chest, silly little niggles but the government really ought to take a look at the way we deal with life to make it a bit easier for everyone.

Sept 2004

Janet Tilburn

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