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Minutes to Stoke Ferry Parish Council

September 2004

Minutes of Meeting held on 28th July 2004

Minutes to Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in the Community Centre

Wednesday 28th July 2004 at 7.30pm

Those attending Mr M. Mycock, Mrs M Leaman, Mr C Stocking, Mr B Harrison,

Mrs T Mann, Mr S Randall, Mr M Ferrie, Mr T Manley, Mrs V Negus (Clerk) 6 members of the public

Apologies were received from PC Jackson and Mr M Evans

Minutes of the last meeting were adopted and signed

Matters arising

(a) Playing field sign still not in place. Clerk to send reminder to Borough Council

(b) Following a discussion of outstanding planning matters it was felt that the Parish Council did not receive sufficient support from the Planning Department when planning conditions are not adhered to. Mr Manley agreed to press for action with the Head of Planning when he attended at the Borough Council.

Mr Stocking passed to the Council a copy letter of confirmation that planning

permission is not required for the Micro-Brewery at the Blue Bell Pub.

(c) Highway meeting - Mr Manley pointed out that if the transfer of Borough Council housing stock to a housing association does take place one of the conditions of the transfer is that car parking problems will be overcome either by dropping kerbs or the provision of car parking space within the council estates but that this would be a long term project. Mr Randall asked if this would apply to privately owned properties. Mr Manley confirmed that it would not.

With regard to the recent stock transfer meeting Mr Harrison asked Mr Manley whether the Borough Council had specifically appointed one person to represent Stoke Ferry. Mr Manley has no knowledge of any such appointment.

(d) Anglian Water - it was confirmed that the route of the wastewater pumping did not affect Stoke Ferry

(e) Car parking - Mr Mycock outlined the contents of a letter from a resident regarding traffic in the High Street but it was felt that the parking situation has improved following the request in The Pump. PC Jackson had informed Mr Harrison that double yellow lines would not be a practical solution.


Applications approved by Parish Council:

Extension to Treetops, Little Lane

House and garage Plot 2 Rear of The Birch, Boughton Road

Extension and Conservatory Ivy Farm Cottage, Wretton Road Mr Randall had declared an interest

Variations of Conditions Stoke Ferry Landfill, Acacia Waste. Mrs Leaman had declared an interest

Applications approved by Borough Council:

Change of use for extension to new cemetery

Treetops, Little Lane

Coachmans Cottage, High Street

Payments for approval

Country Grounds Maintenance - £520.41 1/2 year grass cutting

Mr J. Cross - £15.00 Expenses for internal auditor

Payments proposed by Mrs Leaman, seconded by Mr Ferrie


(a) Details of sponsored bike ride by Kings Lynn Mayor. Mr Manley confirmed that the Mayor is scheduled to visit the Millers Arms on 25 August as part of the sponsored ride. Sponsor forms can be obtained from the clerk.

(b) Solicitors confirmed that the Deed of Gift is progressing

(c) Mr Mycock and Mr Harrison signed the Petition for Consecration sent by the Bishop of Ely's Registry regarding the new cemetery. Further details of the consecration will be shown in the Pump when available.

(d) Country Grounds Maintenance quote for work at the new cemetery and existing cemetery. This was felt to be rather high and Mr Harrison will arrange to meet Mr Glover to discuss it. Mr Mycock pointed out that in addition to work quoted it will be necessary to remove ivy from the yew trees.

(e) Request for additional inscription for Mrs Cherryman. This was approved.

Mr Stocking made apologies and left the meeting

(f) Details of Housing Stock Transfer - put in the circulation folder. Mr Harrison felt that the Parish Council should have been informed of the recent meeting regarding housing stock transfer and that all residents should have been invited. Mr Manley pointed out the intention had been to meet only with council tenants initially and other residents at a later date if necessary. Mr Mycock confirmed that he had been asked to attend the meeting but was unable to do so.

(g) The Countryside Agency - provisional map of registered common land. Details previously displayed on notice board

Other Business


(a) Mrs Leaman asked for clarification of parking area for fishermen. Mr Mycock will monitor the parking

(b) Highway Meeting - Mrs Mann felt that the Parish Council should press further for kerb lowering in Buckenham Drive. Mr Manley suggested that the Council 's request should be brought to the attention of Mr Norris and Mrs Shepherd.

(c) Mr Ferrie asked if any action could be taken regarding the travellers on The Common. Mr Mycock pointed out that the matter is in hand.

(d) Mr Randall asked if the Parish Council have any jurisdiction over the church in the village. Mr Mycock confirmed that the Council does not. Mr Harrison pointed out that details of the work being carried out by Mr Hesketh-Harvey will be shown in The Pump and also on the gates of the church. Any concerns can be addressed to Mr Hesketh-Harvey.

(e) Mr Harrison felt that the painting of the buildings in Lynn Road has greatly enhanced the centre of the village. All Councillors agreed.

Matters reported by Members of the Public

(a) Broken kerbstone at 37 Buckenham Drive

(b) Concerns regarding the tree outside the chip shop. Clerk to contact tree warden.

(c) Parking on the footpath outside the hairdressers shop

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 15th September at 7.30pm

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm

Parish Clerk

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