River Wissey Lovell Fuller


September 2004

Another brain teaser for all ro try!

Clue Answer

e.g. Fellow and City are joined Manchester United

1. River and crossing together

2. Orient is followed by poem in Further Education.

3. Sounds as though the top part is being ironed.

4. Put lock on ramblers on no fixed course.

5. Fifty separates domestic and weight then moves well.

6. Centres a circle round the moon.

7. The little auk and valley.

8. Last years meat is sporty.

9. Straight line between features, weight, rising.

10. A stream and pasture.

11. Fishing meat.

12. Boundary surrounds alley girl.

13. Dam fine.

14. Irish relations.

15 Gland leads backward aerobic manoeuvre.

16. Spokesman is lead by backward sharpener.

17. Grit lines set about.

18. Nick's area.

19. Holy person hurried to backward back.

20. Look in the manner of.

21. A novel team.

22. Inter.

23 Not Butler dirt in reverse.

24. Green area.

25. Time hurried before water.

Mavis Smith

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