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August 2004

Matt brings us up to date with events in the Methodist community

Stoke Ferry Methodist Church Services


Revd Andrew Sankey Revd Matt Finch

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Aug 4th 11.00 Mr J Miles and Mrs R Palmer

Aug 8th 11.00 Mr J Bowden Pickstock

Aug 15th 3.00pm Revd M Finch

Aug 22nd 11.00 Mr B Bannister

Aug 29th 11.00 Mrs S Forth

Dear Friends,

I wonder if you have ever heard of a Pierre de Fredi, Baron de Coubertin. He was a fascinating, passionate young man with great intelligence and drive. Although you would be forgiven in thinking it is me with a different name you would be wrong! The Baron knew he was going to achieve something very special and at the age of twenty four, in 1892, when wandering around Paris and seeing the Eiffel tower being built he realised what it would be. He had the dream of uniting a war torn and volatile world through sport. This he thought could be achieved by rediscovering an ancient event which had long been forgotten, the Olympic Games. Coubertin believed that the world could be made one through this event. Four years later in 1896, the first Olympic Games for over two thousand years was held in Athens! As a result of his vision the world has been touched by the game's emotions, as athletes who have trained for years perform at their best. Who can forget Jesse Owens, Linford Christie, Sally Gunnell, Jonathan Edwards or Sir Stephen Redgrave's fifth gold medal! I am sure there will be some more amazing feats of human achievement this summer. All this started by one person having the confidence to strike out for they believed called to do!

I often feel a little inadequate when I hear stories like the one above. Will I ever really be remembered for anything? Will I start something special or discover the vaccine for the common cold? But as I ponder, I realise that I probably will not do any of these things. I am not inadequate rather God has given me a different purpose; for me it is a Methodist minister but for another it is something quite different. Our challenge is not be another Baron de Coubertin, it is to be who God has created us to be because the world needs each one of us to be who we are! It is a wonderful to consider that God formed us as we are because that is how he wants us to be.

A passage from the bible which made me final commit to being a Christian is Jesus words, "I have come that they (me) may have life in all its fullness". In reading these words I realised that I had strived for so long to be like those around me achieving great things. As I committed myself to follow Jesus so I began to realise that although I would not be an Olympian of any great stature I would be who God intended me to be. God wants us to be who he created us to be.

May each of you know that you are precious to God and that he has a wonderful purpose for you. And may you find it a pursue it and make your difference in this world.

If we can help you in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us or call in to one of our services held in the community centre at James Bradfield Primary School

God Bless, Matt Finch

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