River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Megan of Green Maine

August 2004

Alex provides a delightful overview of her recent tour of the big US of A

After bustling Boston, we escaped to Maine to see my university friend, Megan for the weekend. For most of the four-hour journey we could see only forest upon forest. I was excited about seeing Megan again after so long.

I had heard Megan remenisce of her home whilst we were in Norwich. We had also shared a love of L. M. Montgommery's Anne of Green Gables. (Set on PEI, Canada) Arriving in Orono, I was charmed by the leafy, shady streets, the wide rivers, abundent birdlife humming birds and oriels), the white, wooden houses with swing chairs hanging on the open porches. I found this rather similar to the picture in my mindseye of Avonlea.

Megan and Jon were the perfect hosts. They took us to their local where we ate, drank and met some of their friends.

Megan drove us to her home town. We met her parents, climbed Blue Hill and drove to near-by Stonington on Deer Island.

On the lily pond, amongst the toads, dragonflies and a heron, I saw my first beaver.

Megan showed us, her and Jon's wedding photos, set in the natural beauty of Blue Hill.

After such a perfect weekend in the magically, tranquil Maine, I reflected that Megan could be the modern day Anne.

Alex Buss

Maine, United States

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