River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Medical Problems

August 2004

John confesses to a range of medical problems.

Dear Ray,

I have often wondered why I never seem to make any progress. I am beginning to think that it is because I try to act above my station. I really don't have to prove to anyone that I can use a computer and I certainly don't have to discuss my financial situation with them. It is about time I pleased myself. If I want to go on a train or coach journey or even take a few days holiday, then that is my decision.

I had to have a blood test last week and my sugar level was rather high. Now I have to have something called a starvation blood test. That means nothing to eat or drink from midnight before the day of the test which is rather a long time for me to worry! So I have hired a Del Boy video from the library to take my mind of the test.

I know that, of late, I have been feeling rather low, so here's hoping they can find out the cause of my listlessness.

Your friend,



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