River Wissey Lovell Fuller


August 2004

Another quiz to test your knowledge of British Football

Submitted by Mavis Smith

Clue Answer

e.g. Fellow and City are joined Manchester United

1. Noble gas leads backward ways.

2. Race area.

3. King surrounded by resounding noise.

4. Sounds as though one is guided to newspaper man.

5. Brown river.

6. Backward glum comes before interrogative word losing hydrogen before Cathedral City

7. Miss Clinton

8. Separate territory

9. Incomplete explorer

10. Weep by unfinished vending place with friend and super performer

11. French height and flower of conflict

12. Seven pointer followed by game

13. A bagpipe composition and the world.

14. Called the bitter vetch.

15 An area where drink is stored.

16. Top military man swallows a young sow.

17. Sounds like a free instrument courtesy the Local Authority

18. Remote with viral infection inside and sturdy.

19. Rivers or bolts mixed.

20. A goose's crossing

21. One quiet change losing time comes before a place to live.

22. About a bell note.

23 Christine's playing.

24. Factory limit.

25. Building and French

Mavis Smith

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