River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Bird Quiz

August 2004

The answers to the brain teasing BIRD QUIZ!

Clue Answer

1. Circling cleaner* Vulture

2. Soaring prankster Skylark

3. Bovine flyer Bullfinch

4. Kernel incubated Nuthatch

5. Firm with part of bible Coot

6. Extra layer Moorhen

7. River mesh Linnet

8. Environmentally friendly Greenfinch

9. Yokel with one hydrogen atom inserted Pheasant

10. Large size and wealthy Ostrich

11. Wheat residue with a short span Chaffinch

12. Sounds like a Music hall act Tern

13. Fiancee led by the Greek rho Plover

14. Heavenly flyer Bird of paradise

15. Bit of a ledge Partridge

16. Temp dame* Secretary Bird

17. Burning ring Flamingo

18. River trick Falcon

19. Colourful mimic Parrot

20. Moan a lot Grouse

21. Lifter Crane

22. Sounds like a Sailor's entrance! Jackdaw

23. Bird with Midas touch Goldfinch

24. Idiot Loon

25. Cat's funeral* Kittiwake

26. Found in a kebab Skua

27. Sacred Egyptian Ibis

28. Scottish servant on car check* Guillemot

29. Outsize victim Osprey

30. Mickey taker Mocking Bird

31. Upward jet Harrier

32. Sharp neb Razorbill

33. Down swimmer Eider Duck

34. Mongrel instead Curlew

35. Roast a warren Kookaburra

36. Circuit flapper Lapwing

37. Beach pan Sandpiper

38. Communist beginner Red Start

39 Sounds "astern" Rhea

40. Cringe Quail

41. Found under the bed* Nightjar

42. Mason with a smile Peregrine

43. Don't blow out Puffin

44. Lash needy Shakespeare Whippoorwill

45. Broken zip Fly Catcher

46. Blimey another worker Cormorant

47. Blushing leg Red Shank

48. Cutlery invoice Spoonbill

49. Be difficult Buzzard

50. Place for a short vermouth House Martin

Mavis Smith

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