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July 2004

The Methodist Newsletter for June


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July 4th 11.00 Mr T Coleman

July 11th 11.00 Revd A Sankey

July 18th 11.00 Mrs S Coleman

July 25th 11.00 Mrs A Steed

Dear Friends,

As I write this short thought I am feeling a little bit speechless, not because of third world debt or all the hungry still going nor the many homeless who still have no shelter. My absence for words, maybe rather shallowly, is because yesterday evening I watched the England France match. For ninety minutes the dream was coming true, one nil up and (for once) an England defence that looked solid. Oh the agony as it went horribly wrong! As I am sure you know England lost the game 2-1! I wonder if as many mouths have dropped wide open at the same time!

If football is not your things then maybe it is something else. Perhaps you watched with utter elation (maybe slight disbelief) as England whitewash New Zealand in the recent test series. Maybe you saw the England rugby team get thrashed by the All Blacks. Or it might just be that you are ready to be gripped by Henmanian, to sit back and watch the highs and lows of centre court at Wimbledon. And let us not forget the Olympics on the way later this year!

It is amazing how sport grasps the very core of our nation, whatever your choice, it seems to take over during the summer months. There is frenetic activity building up to what could be, as the hopes of millions lay in the hands of a few talented individuals. There are the moments of ecstasy as the goal goes in and the painful hours as penalty misses rued.

As I speculate about the sporting triumphs England will have this summer. I give thanks for the joy that will be brought to me and all who celebrate in amongst the wonderful togetherness seemingly everywhere at this time. I also give thanks that the God who created me is nothing like the sports men and women on whom we place so much pressure. The God whom we worship does not give a dodgy pass back, score a golden duck, miss a conversion or serve a double fault. No, God's performance is always the same, His faithfulness is never changing. In the ups and downs of life God is always there for each one of us. He longs to share in our celebrations and to comfort us when life is difficult. God loves us and is with us no matter what. It is always good to remember that went the event is over- God is still their!

May you have a wonderful summer, filled with many trophies! Please feel free to join us at the chapel, to drop in on our services or even to give one of us a call if we can help in anyway.

God bless,

Matt Finch

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