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"Runnin' On".

July 2004

Janet runs on about charity collections and how the monies are spent

With all the sunshine we have been enjoying I have been a bit reluctant to sit myself down and get Runnin' On under way. I keep hoping that some riveting news will turn up and get me started but so far there has been nothing like that to encourage me. However, I am using the chance to thank the generous people who have donated money to the Red Cross appeal.

I collect in Station Road and enjoy meeting everyone, we had lovely warm weather this year and people were in their gardens making the most of the sunshine. The children were very interested in the collection and wanted to know what the money would be used for.

Most of the things I have heard about being helped by the Red Cross have been overseas and I told the children what I did know. Usually we see the Red Cross helping out with disasters wherever they can. Well, after I'd handed in the Station Road donations I thought I'd like to know more about the people who do benefit.

I was surprised to hear that most of the money is used in Great Britain so I will have to tell our young supporters next time I see them. Admitting I was wrong will probably amuse them, when I was small and insisting on being told the proper ins and outs of everything, I used to be fobbed off with all sorts of answers. I can't remember being satisfied very often. Most of the time I used to be told, "Well, that's the way it is, now go out to play!" When I couldn't answer children's queries I used to tell them I'd try to find the answer for them, its no good pretending you know everything is it?

I did phone our Red Cross Organiser to get find out how much was collected in our village, it was £238.75. I think that makes it all worthwhile and it is nice to meet the people who always give us a wave as they go past our house. Well done West Dereham!

Janet Tilburn

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