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Answers to June Bird Quiz

July 2004

How well did you do with last month's quiz?

Bird Quiz 1 - Answers

Submitted by Mavis Smith

Clue Answer

1. Shaken rear Wagtail

2. Vegetable comic Peewit

3. Tin well ventilated* Canary

4. Under age pitman* Mynah

5. Royal bird Swan

6. Fergies flying transport Budgie

7. Cadet less two Rook

8. Initial Jay

9. Altar Boss anag Albatross

10. Friend of Hull Emu

11. Fast train, so duck Mallard

12. Unwanted cricket score Duck

13. Cockney Sparrow

14. Squatter Cuckoo

15. Berkeley vocalist Nightingale

16. If you cook this, you've had it Goose

17. Orgy plus any undefined number Raven

18. Chicken mallet Yellow hammer

19. Astral heather Starling

20. Don't steal out Robin

21. Shoe shine source* Kiwi

22. Throaty vocalist Warbler

23. Hairless yankie Bald eagle

24. Four and twenty Blackbird

25. Ho! Bowling bird Drake

26. Cold and wise Snowy owl

27. Boast of ones self Crow

28. Addicts get this cold Turkey

29. Female on water Wren

30. Gone but not forgotten Dodo

31. Arctic waiter Penguin

32. Racing home Pigeon

33. Ringed or fan Dove

34. Rooster with a pair Cockatoo

35. Mother exclaimed Macaw

36. Sharp eye Hawk

37. Ruler and rod Kingfisher

38. Fast track* Swift

39 Timber aerator Woodpecker

40. Doesn't walk on path Road runner

41. Smelly lass* Humming bird

42. Sounds like "to hunt" Stork

43. Princess flan Magpie

44. Guinness Marque Toucan

45. Goes down Swallow

46. Football icon is able Pelican

47. Vegetarian male Peacock

48. Not "his off" Heron

49. Briney hoax Sea Gull

50. Silence mixed with Ed's initials Thrush

Mavis Smith

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