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A Search for friend living in Stoke Ferry

July 2004

Peter Bonnet looks for neighbours from when he lived in Norfolk

Dear Editor,

My name is Peter J Barnett, I currently live in Virginia (USA) but I grew up in Stoke Ferry. My Granddad was the superintendent at the waterworks on River Drove and we lived at 2 River Drove. Our neighbours were John and Ann Sim who of course lived at 1 River Drove Stoke Ferry. I have been in the States for quite a few years now, but have a lot of fond memories of Stoke Ferry. I still have family who live throughout England, but I have lost touch with my old childhood friends. Could you tell me if John and Ann Sim still live near the old windmill in Stoke Ferry or do you know Sandy and Frank Reid from Boughton? Both families children and myself were very close friends many years ago, in fact we all attended Stoke Ferry elementary and then went on to Methwold High School. I know I am probably asking a lot of questions but I really don't have any other resources. If you could possibly print my queries in the Village Pump if there is anyone still around that attended Methwold High School between 1979-1983, could they contact Peter J Barnett, E-Mail

Thank you very much.

P.S Do the two houses next to the waterworks still exist?

I am delighted to say that I was able to contact John and Ann and that they have details of the whereabouts of Sandy and Frank Reid. Ed

Peter J Barnett,

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