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Rhubarb and Orange Chutney

June 2004

Another mouth watering recipe from the Village Kitchen

Rhubarb and Orange Chutney

Yields about 1.8 kg / 4lb


900 g / 2 lb rhubarb (weighed after trimming)

3 0nions

2 oranges

450 g / 1 lb raisins

900 g / 2 lb Demerara sugar

1 litre / 1 1/2 pints good malt vinegar

1 tablespoon of mustard seed

1 tablespoon white peppercorns

1 level teaspoon powdered allspice


1. Wash and wipe rhubarb, cut into short pieces and pout in preserving pan or large saucepan.

2. Peel and chop onions and add to pan

3. Finely shred yellow rind from the oranges, squeeze out juice and discard pith. Add to pan.

4. Add raisins, sugar and vinegar.

5. Tie up the three spices in a piece of muslin and put this into the pan.

6. Bring to the boil and simmer gently until thick. It is thick enough when a spoon drawn through the chutney leaves its mark and does not immediately fill with excess liquid.

7. Meanwhile chose jars with vinegar proof lids. Coffee jars with plastic lids are ideal. Paper covers are not satisfactory because vinegar can evaporate through them and the chutney will dry out. Plain metal lids should not be used because vinegar corrodes the metal. Put clean jars to dry and warm in a very cool oven, Gas 1/4, 225 degrees F, 110 degrees C.

8. Remove muslin bag from chutney.

9. Fill warmed jars nearly to the brim with hot chutney. Put lids on at once.

10. Label and date the chutney. Store in a cool, dark place

Let the chutney mature for 3 months before eating!

Ray Thompson

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