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Minutes of the Annual West Dereham Parish Council Meeting

June 2004

Record of West Dereham Annual Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the Annual West Dereham Parish Council Meeting

held following the Parish Meeting on Tuesday, 13th May 2004

1. Present:

E Drew - Chairman, M Grief, B Glover, Mrs Fisher, Mrs Berry, Miss Richardson, together with 2 members of the public.

2. Apologies:

Mrs Cann and Mrs Moir: Borough Councillor.

3. Election of Chairman:

The clerk asked for nominations and E Drew was proposed by B Glover and seconded by M Grief - unanimously agreed and E Drew was duly elected and took the Chair.

4. Election of Vice Chairman:

Miss Richardson was proposed by M Grief and seconded by Mrs Fisher; this was agreed and Miss Richardson was duly elected.

5. Minutes:

I was agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 8th April 2004 be duly signed as a correct record.

6. Matters Arising:

Tyres have yet again be dumped in Lime Kiln Road. Hilgay Road footpath outside the cottages will not be tarmaced at present but will be done as soon as funds permit.

7. Planning: None

8. Payments:

Cornhill Insurance plc: £312.58 - Annual premium - proposed by Miss Richardson and seconded by M Grief - pass for payment.

9. Audit Notice:

The annual Audit will take place on 27th September 2004.

10. Adoption of Accounts:

Proposed by Mrs Fisher and seconded by Mrs Berry that the accounts be adopted as presented.

11. Appointment of Responsible Financial Officer:

It was proposed by B Glover and seconded by Mrs Berry that the Clerk be appointed.

12. Review of Burial Fees:

It was agreed that burial of bodies over 12 years old, interment of Cremated Ashes and purchase of Exclusive Rights all be increased by £5.00 each as proposed by B Glover and seconded by M Grief - agreed.

13. Correspondence:

Norfolk Waste Partnership - meeting: Borough Council Licensing Act 2003: both noted. Norfolk County Council Dedication of footpath at West Dereham under S25 of the Highways Act 1980 completed. Norfolk County Council Questionnaire to be completed. European Elections - Notices in Council Offices only at King's Lynn, Downham Market and Hunstanton. Mr * Mrs B Thompson, Cookham Dean, Berks sent a letter regarding the state of Station Road and the heavy vehicles and would like to see a road connecting the businesses direct to College Road completely by-passing Station Road.

14. Actions:

Footpaths and Bridleway - Miss Richardson is still dealing with this matter. Parish Review - there has been a letter from the Borough council, which with the information reported by Mrs Cann's investigation have now made the matter clear and it was agreed that the subject is now satisfactory.

15. Any Other Business: None.

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm

Parish Clerk

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