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Keep Safe

June 2004

Sound advice on how to keep safe in your homes

There has been an increase in representatives from various companies 'cold calling' on households in Norfolk. That it to say they call on people without making an appointment first. Some of these companies claim to be offering surveys or equipment relating to home safety, security or fire.

Sometimes the callers state that they are 'working with...' or 'working for...' Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk Fire Service or some other recognised body. These are false claims. None of these official bodies make cold calls to offer services, or work with other organisations who cold call. In fact Norfolk Trading Standards are currently dealing with several complaints regarding companies that use this method of trading.

More worryingly, some of these companies are using official crime or fire prevention leaflets to give the impression that they are operating with Police or Fire Service approval.

If anyone calls at your door unannounced saying they are doing fire or safety surveys on behalf of the police or fire service you should not let them into your house, even if they have leaflets from either the police or fire service.

Norfolk Constabulary continue to urge anyone requiring crime prevention surveys or fire prevention surveys to contact their local police crime reduction officer or community fire safety officer for advice. Crime prevention advice can also be obtained from the Norfolk Constabulary Website:




If you have any concerns or worries about someone who has called at your house unannounced offering to sell you something or do work for you, you can call the Confidential Reporting Line free on 0800 328 6471 and report them. Remember, neither the police nor the fire service work with any organisation who just turn up on doorsteps and offer to sell equipment or services. If you are told this you can be sure that it is not true advice.

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