River Wissey Lovell Fuller


May 2004

Les takes a novel look at religion!

As someone who has been a regular chapel go-er for these past three years, well yes three years out of 75 isn't such a brilliant attendance record is it, however I digress, I pose this question in the light of the fact that hardly anyone these days goes to church or chapel, well apart from weddings and funerals.

My question is, "Is there a God?" You have to start a subject somewhere, so why not at the beginning, and to me that is the beginning. Take the Ten Commandments, you may decide where and how they came about is of little interest, the fact that they are there that's the important thing.

At least at the "end of the day" and let's forget for a moment which awful expressions we dislike the most, "In this moment in time", "I can see where you are coming from", etc, etc, no the fact that the Ten Commandments are "in place" is of vital importance, and yet initially somewhat tongue in cheek I'm prepared to say I don't see it that way.

There are two Commandments which spring to mind, one is "Thou shalt not commit Adultery", and "Thou shalt not Steal", well committing Adultery with one or two certain Ladies I could mention, if I could get away with it, sure does beat watching Coronation Street, Eastenders, and Home and Away, that's the one Aif is in by the way.

Stealing, well that's better than digging up carrots for a living, I've done that so I know all about it, so stealing the odd hundred or so from your Bank, well they wouldn't miss it would they. There is just one problem with all of this, what if the boot is on the other foot? It seems my argument is a little bit one sided.

What happens if my dear Wife decides two can play at that game and my Bank just by accident of course, deletes the odd hundred when I am not looking things are not now looking too rosy are they. Another Commandment comes to mind, "Love your Neighbour Etc'~, well I don't quite go along with that, if we continue this tongue in cheek scenario, if you try, "Help your Neighbour" now you are of course speaking my language, and that, "at the end of the day" is really what I am on about.

We have now got to the stage in this discussion where our churches and chapels in my view metaphorically fall down, to me they seem unable to communicate with such as myself, an ordinary man in the street.

Having now written in my simplistic way about some of the Ten Commandments, I'm now off to my Club for an enjoyable pint, one thing is for sure I won't see any of the religious fraternity there, even having a coffee, and there lay some of the reasons why our Congregations continue to decline.

Les Lawrence

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