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May 2004

The last in a series from Graham, but watch out for next month's edition for a new creator!

The last of a series of books that I have been privileged to introduce you to over the last three years. GF

The story of notepaper by Basil Don Bond

High speed lifts by Flora second

Garden plants by Stephan Otis & Phil O'Dendron

Welsh stage flops by Dai Thedeath

"My old Dutch's" view by Harold Man

The broken Hoover by Dustin Themotor

History of Irish fuel by Pete Bogs

The boat is in harbour by Maud Safely

Glossary of London stations by Vic Toria, Walter Loo & Mary Lebone

The damaged raincoat by Max Torn

Environmentally friendly vehicles by Lolita cars

The Village Pump by Bess Value-Mag

Graham Forster

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