War Memorial Gary Trouton

Letter to the Editor from "John"

May 2004

A heartfelt update on his unhappy circumstances!

Dear Ray,

I have always been told that in life, if you don't ask, you don't get! Well, I've decided to ask. The result is that I am typing this letter in my local library. I've got my letter saved on a floppy disk so that writing future letters will be so much easier.

This change in attitude means that I am no longer sitting at home feeling sorry for myself or having to eat a lonely meal. I do miss my trips to the Stoke Ferry Chip Shop where David and Hazel were so kind to me. But now, if I want to, I can decide it is a nice day and I go for a ride on a train. By buying a Day Ranger Ticket I can go to Norwich and then on to Sheringham if I want or I can just go to Ely. Whichever journey I chose it gives me some freedom.

But why is that people say they will give you a ring when they never have any intention of ringing you back? Is it because they don't wish to commit themselves? If I say I'm going to call some one, or that I will meet them at a particular time, then I will make every effort to do so. If for some reason I can't make it then I make sure they know why, well in advance.

Your friend as always,



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