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Favor Parker Village Liaison Committee

May 2004

Minutes of the last village liaison committee

Agriculture Division

Stoke Ferry Compound Feed Mill


Wednesday 11th March 2003

Present: Mr Dave Robson (Principal Environmental Health Officer, King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council)

Mr Brian Harrison (Parish Council Representative)

Mrs Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mr Alastair Inskip (Health and Safety Manager, Grampian Country Foods)

Mr Gerard Rosser (Village Representative)

Mr Mike Smith (Operations Manager, Grampian Country Foods)

Mr Keith White (Production Manager, Grampian Country Foods)

1 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Mr Manley, Mr Thompson, Mr Bannon and Mr Mann.

Mr Smith introduced himself and Mr White to the meeting. Mr Smith is Operations Manager for the three Grampian Feed Mills in southern England; based in Stoke Ferry he is responsible for both production and transport operations. Mr White, as Production Manager, is directly responsible for the operation of the mill in Stoke Ferry and has been a resident of the village for many years.

Mr Mann has moved to other responsibilities within the Grampian Group, and Mr Bannon has moved to a position outside the Group.

2 Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed to be an accurate record of the proceedings.

Mr Smith said that the street-sweeper had been called out every two or three weeks, this was now being put to a fixed schedule under contract and a copy of the contract would be presented to the meeting.

Problems arising from hauliers failing to sheet their vehicles or running empty with the grain hatch open were seen to be fewer than before, but there had been incidences of grain spillage on the road. Mr Smith is writing to hauliers detailing what is expected from them when delivering to the mill.

Mr Harrison said that the silos had been cleaned 3-months after they had been reported at the last meeting, and they were now as bad again. Mr Smith agreed that this was a problem area and that he had applied for capital funds to replace several conveyors and elevators in this area.

Mr Harrison also reported that a spillage reported to the site since the last meeting had lain unswept by the site gate over a weekend and had been seen to attract vermin. This was also related to problems in the silo area.

In response to questions from the committee, Mr Smith said that no Sunday working had occurred since Christmas and none was forecast for the future. There was some concern from Mr Rosser and Mr Harrison over the term "forecast". Mr Smith said that it was his aim over 5 years to increase the throughput of the plant in order to reduce running hours. Mr Inskip said that the nature of the poultry business was such that although the average tonnage was within the capabilities of the plant working 5 1/2 - 6 days per week, there were occasionally weeks when peaks coincided, and occasions where due to a break down during the week Sunday running was necessary.

Mr Robson said that in the absence of improvements to general housekeeping in problem areas the view taken on fugitive emissions within the company's authorisation would be changed. If it became apparent that Sunday working was a regular event this would also have to be taken into consideration.

Tanker delivery times were discussed; Mr Rosser said that no improvement was noticeable since the last meeting. Mr Smith asked what hours would be suitable. The view of the meeting was that suitable delivery times were between 07.30 and 17.00 on weekdays, and between 08.00 and 17.00 on Saturdays.

3 Complaints received since the last meeting

Mr Inskip reported on complaints and comments received by the company since the last meeting:

12th Jan Complaint received of loud noise from pressures hose or steam cleaner at 9.30pm on the 10th (Saturday). Noise identified as compressed air cleaner, also reported was presence of whole grain spillage on silos that had been left over the weekend attracting pigeons and vermin.

23rd Jan Complaint of noise form silos on the 21st reported to mill employee, noise identified as coming from a loose chain on number 1 silo drag. Also complaints of "fermenting grain" smell on 22nd and dust from silo conveyors on 22nd.

26th Jan Complaint of noise from silo conveyors, audible from within neighbouring property. Speed of conveyor was reduced on 25th to increase volume of wheat in the conveyor.

29th Jan Complaint of intermittent screech and rattling from mill. Scheduled repairs to conveyors were cancelled due to staff illness, greasing schedule increased in the interim. Conveyor C21 was replaced mid-February.

30th Jan Complaint of noisy tanker discharging on 27th at  7pm. At about the same time a white tractor unit with a GCFG trailer was seen at speed driving up the centre of Wretton Road. Tanker identified as delivery of salt, supplier was contacted and made aware of the complaint and requested to deliver using vehicles suitable for a residential area.

7th Feb Complaint of fire alarm at 7:15am on 7th Feb (Saturday) followed by a noisy vehicle blower at 7.30am. Alarm sounded due to a fault on the fire alarm system, which was isolated until the service engineer could be called out.

23rd Feb Complaint of elevator noise the previous evening and morning.

23rd Feb Complaint of "brewery" or "yeasty" smell in the morning.

24th Feb Complaint of elevator noise over night, direct line number to shift supervisor given to complainant so that action can be taken at the time of the disturbance.

26th Feb Complaint of loud "squeak" the previous night at 8.30pm. Complainant tried to contact Supervisor but number was unanswered.

2nd Feb Complaint of droning/rattling from conveyors over the last few nights that was causing sleep disturbance.

3rd & 8th March

Complaint of black smoke from the boiler chimney on several occasions. Identified as a problem caused when the boiler switched from low-fire to high-fire modes as steam demand increased. The stand-by boiler has been brought into operation to enable steam demand to be met until the engineer can attend (due 10th March). Also reports of machinery noise during the week and a terrible smell on 7th March (Sunday), on speaking with the complainant this could have been the morning of the 6th (Saturday) [the mill was not running on Sunday 7th].

6th March Report of Grampian delivery vehicle turning into the site (top gate) and causing a resident to take their car onto the kerb in order to go up the High Street. Driver identified as temporary driver who left the company on 6th March [before complaint was reported].

8th March Complaint of "banging steel" noise at 8:15am on the 7th March (Sunday). Noise identified as work to remove clean air unit ducting from replacement. Removal and replacement required all day on Sunday to complete.

8th March Complaint of smell from stagnant water in guttering to rear of garage. Passed to maintenance for attention.

Mr Robson reported that his office had received no complaints since the last meeting.

Mr Harrison said that the noise from the mill had improved, but had deteriorated noticeably since the last meeting.

Mr Robson said that two main problems were centred on noise and spillage/dust. The conveyors and elevators associated with the silos contributing to both these problems.

4 Noise

Mr Rosser said that the potholes at the top gate to the site caused rattling when vehicles drove over them.

Mr Smith said that the go-ahead had already been given for repairs to the tarmac in this area.

5 Transport

Mr Harrison said that he had twice today seen vehicles coming out of the top gate and heading through the village towards Wretton Road and asked if the company had changed its vehicle movement routes. Mr Inskip said he would determine why this was.

6 Odour, dust and particulates

There was a discussion on the "brewery" smell that has only recently begun to be reported. Mr Smith said that he would look into possible causes.

The "fishy" smell was discussed, Mr Harrison said that it seemed better, but at this time of year he was spending less time in his garden.

Mrs Holton said that the mist by the Village Hall was improved, but she had noticed it for a short period earlier in the week.

Mr Harrison commented on general dust levels on windows, greenhouse, etc.

7 Any other business

Mr Rosser said that the gates to Wards Garage (next to the Village Hall) had been left open several nights over the weekend. Mr Smith said that equipment was being removed form this building and would ensure that it was being kept locked.

There was a discussion on the Dukes Head and the other buildings fronting the street. Mrs Holton asked if there was an Estates Section of the Grampian Country Food Group that concerns could be addressed to, Mr Inskip and Mr Smith explained that the company was not organised in this way and concerns should be addressed to the site.

Mr Harrison said that he was aware that a letter had been sent to the company from the Parish Council expressing concerns over the condition of company owned properties in the village. Neither Mr Smith nor Mr Inskip was aware of such a letter having been received.

Subsequent to the meeting, Mr Inskip has confirmed that a letter was received from the Parish Council regarding the condition of the Duke Head and a reply has been sent.

Mr Smith said that he would request Mr Andrew Murphy (Feed Operations General Manager) to attend the next meeting, and Mr Jim Johnston (Managing Director of the GCFG Agriculture Division) was made aware of the concerns of the village residents raised in these meetings.

8 Date of next meeting

The date of the meetings throughout the rest of the year were agreed as:

Wednesday 9th June at 2.30pm

Wednesday 8th September at 2.30pm

Wednesday 8th December at 2.30pm

Items for inclusion in the agenda should be sent to Alastair at least two weeks in advance of meetings.

Alastair Inskip

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