River Wissey Lovell Fuller


April 2004

Another refreshing look at Life from les

Let's assume you make contact with your Insurance Broker suggesting to him or her that you would like to take out a Pension Policy. The Broker responds by telling you, "I'm sorry but this week we are doing car insurance, accident cover etc, that sort of thing". The Broker then goes on, "I can give you a nice little quote on your car and you will want your Wife to drive as well. Oh you don't, you are planning to divorce her; good thinking you should have done that years ago". And so it goes on. "Pensions, come back next week" the Broker tells you; well quite honestly you would think the poor soul had gone stark raving mad. And yet compare that with when you go out to dinner, and there you are sitting at your table with your charming companion, well let's face it you don't always want to take your Wife out do you, when along comes the Basil Faulty's of this world. "We would like to start off by each having a boiled egg and soldiers" you declare, to which our so-called Basil interrupts by saying, "Just a minute, just a minute, never mind what you want, are you trying to take over the darn place?" And with that he stuffs the menu in your face.

How refreshing it would be if only you could just say, "Look if we can't have what we want we shall take our appetites somewhere else!" But life is never that simple. It's the same if you go to a Dance and just as you fancy a Waltz along comes the MC who announces, "Take your partners for a Quickstep". Well thanks very much but I've paid to come in here so I shall do as I wish. You should be so lucky. What about when you think about catching a bus? You don't catch a bus when you think so but when the Bus Company wants you to. You phone up the Bus Company saying, "I want to catch the 3-30 pm bus to King's Lynn" and the Bus Company will say, "Splendid it goes at twenty past six, and what's more we have a time table to prove it".

So if all of this being told what to do leaves you feeling a bit depressed then can I suggest you take a leaf

out of my book. From now on I shall do as I want to and to heck with what others think. In order to while away the time I'm giving a lot of thought to going to University, well everyone else seems to be going so why not me. No I'm not planning to learn something useful like carpentry or bricklaying, I'm planning to get myself a degree in Sociology, coupled with Japanese Wallpapering, and what good will that do me? Well it will certainly impress the neighbours, and who knows maybe the Vicar as well.

Les Lawrence

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