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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council March meeting

April 2004

Minutes of the March Meeting of the Stoke Ferry Parish Council

Stoke Ferry Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting of Stoke Ferry Parish Council held in the community centre at 7.30pm on Wednesday 18th February 2004

1. Those attending: Mr M Mycock (Chairman) Mr B Harrison, (Vice Chairman)

Mrs M Leaman, Mrs T Mann, Mr C Stocking, Mr M Dean, Mr M Ferrie, Mr S Randall,

Mrs V Negus, (Clerk) 8 members of the public

2. Apologies for absence were received from Mr A White and Mr T Manley

3. Minutes of the last meeting. Adopted with the addition of Mr Stocking to those attending. Proposed by Mr Stocking seconded by Mrs Leaman.

4. Matters Arising

(a) Playing field safety barrier - Mr Ferrie reported that following discussion during a site meeting it was felt that the barrier should remain at its current height.

(b) Mr Harrison agreed to produce an advert for The Pump for a special constable in line with criteria received from the police authorities.

(c) The fallen milestone had been located and taken away for repair by the Highway authority

(d) Mr Randall will meet the highway engineer to inform him what is required for the playing field sign and a quotation will then be sent to the Parish Council

5. Planning

Mr Mycock asked members of the Council to ensure planning applications are circulated as quickly as possible.

Applications approved by Parish Council:

Extension to 5 Wretton Road

Dwelling at plot 2 rear of The Birches, Boughton Road

Dwelling at The Limes, Wretton Road

Applications approved by Borough Council:

Dwelling at plot 2 rear of The Birches, Boughton Road

Dwelling adjacent 8 Bridge Road

Application refused by Borough Council:

Dwelling rear of 50 Buckenham Drive

Following discussion of outstanding planning items, the Council expressed their concern at the lack of response and involvement of the planning authority in response to queries from the Parish Council.

6. Payments for Approval

January Hall Hire £11.15

Proposed by Mr Harrison seconded by Mr Stocking

7. Burial Fees

New burial fees were proposed using guidelines from the Ely Diocese and a neighbouring Parish Council. Mr Randall proposed two amendments which were seconded by Mr Stocking. It was agreed to accept the new proposals with the two amendments.

8. Correspondence

(a) Borough Council - Special Expenses for closed churchyard - Clerk to get clarification of charges when a closed churchyard is privately owned.

(b) Borough Council - Confirmation of household waste collection days. Mr Randall pointed out that collection of recycling boxes is still not being completed in one day. Clerk to contact Borough Council.

(c) Borough Council - Notification of availability of CD for wind turbine information

(d) Borough Council - Notification of stock transfer proposals regarding which, tenants will be balloted. Parish Council to be kept informed by the Borough Council of any changes.

(e) Foolhardy Folk Circus - Request for venue. Letter passed to the school

(f) Parish Review - Notification of finalised revised proposals

(g) H Brett & Son - Request for placement of memorial agreed

9. Councillors Other Business

(a) Mr Mycock reported that the fallen wall in Furlong Road had still not been repaired. Clerk to follow up with Building Control whose deadline is the end of February.

(b) Highway matters raised by Councillors to be reported to Highway Authority:

* Potholes Buckenham Drive and Wretton Road

* A raised stop valve in the road A134 at the junction of Furlong Road and by pass

* Loose directional sign to Wretton Road at the junction of Furlong Road and Lynn Road

* Loose paving stones in the High Street

* Broken reflector on Furlong Road verge

* Poor condition of grassed areas outside the chip shop

* Condition of the highway in Little Lane close to building plot

(c) Mr Stocking asked for clarification of the situation regarding the common land which the current owner wished to bequeath to the Parish Council. Mr Mycock confirmed that although it is privately owned it is common land.

(d) Mrs Mann reported that cars are being parked in Buckenham Drive blocking the entrance to the playing field and the rear of some properties. Clerk to seek advice from the Borough Council.

(e) Mr Harrison expressed concern at the amount of graffiti on The Dukes Head which had still not been addressed in spite of previous requests. Clerk to write to Grampian.

Matters reported by members of the public

(a) The Council were asked for confirmation that the residential caravan referred to during the planning discussions could be seen from the road. Mr Mycock confrmed that it would not.

(b) It was reported that the playing field was subject to a great deal of dog fouling. Mr Mycock pointed out that dogs are not permitted on the playing field and asked that a notice to this effect be put in The Pump. Mrs Leaman confirmed that it was permitted for dogs to be taken from the corner of the playing field in a straight line to Bradfield Place.

(c) Mud on the highway at Bridge Road - this had already been reported by a member of the Parish Council

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 24th March

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9pm

Val Negus

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