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Letter from Stoke Ferry Resident

April 2004

A chalenge to Village Pump contributors!

Stoke Ferry


Dear Ray

Reading the March issue of The Village Pump I note the gentle criticism, regarding my fears of the magazine becoming a political rag, from Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Watts. These two gentlemen missed the point which I was trying to make; namely that the pump is unique in it's original content. Politics by their very nature can never be original thought. It is a subject covered by conjecture, mostly gleaned from journalists writing for newspapers, who very often start their articles "it is alleged".

I have a great interest in politics and watch many programmes on television including the BBC's "Prime Ministers Question Time". More anger is generated by discussions on politics than any other topic. I cannot agree that every concern we have comes down to politics. To coin a phrase "tongue in cheek" Mr. Watts

One gentleman thinks it would be impractical to print another paper. The other writes 'I am producing a paper'. As I can't think of a suitable comment I'll leave it to the writers to enjoy the peculiarity as I did.

More power to both your elbows

Yours sincerely

Mrs. B D Whitfield

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