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Letter from another Stoke Ferry Resident

April 2004

More on the road traffic speeding debate

Dear Ray,

I feel I really must reply to Ray Garrett's and Ron Watts' letters concerning motoring.

I still maintain that there should be latitude concerning the 30 mph speed limit. I suggest 10% maximum, not what Ray quotes that I said - which I most certainly did not, viz 33 - 35mph. A rigid enforcement of 30 mph would mean that most cars would travel about 27 - 28 mph, definitely requiring third gear, unless you don't care about your clutch. Incidentally, there are plenty of cars that are very unhappy at travelling at 30 mph in fourth gear but I must agree they are amongst the older ones. Certainly, our ancient BMW 318 needs 35 mph before you can change into fourth.

I thoroughly agree with Ray concerning Park & Ride schemes and surely it can't be long before King's Lynn shopkeepers pressurise the Council to set up such schemes. Regarding the school run that Ray mentions, I fully understand the anxiety that Mums have about allowing their children to walk or cycle to school but why cannot they get together and have more than one child per car? This would save road congestion, petrol and help (in a small way) atmospheric pollution.

I would like to end by saying how enjoyable it is to drive in our lovely county. Having spent ten days in the Thames Valley recently, we do not know how lucky we are. Happy motoring!

Graham Forster

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