War Memorial Gary Trouton

Letter from a US Colleague

April 2004

A pleas for help from an ex-US Serviceman who lived in Stoke Ferry

Dear Sir,

I was an American service man that lived in Stoke Ferry back in 1988-1990. I loved the town so much that I have kept up on the area and town. I have however lost touch with a neighbour of mine at the time. Bryan and Sylvia Price used to live right next to us and move to Chelmsford some time later. For whatever reason we have lost touch. Are you able to help me? I long to know the well being of my friends and hope that all is well with them. I hope that Stoke Ferry is well; I have very fond memories from living there. I wished I had taken more photo's during my time there, but do plan to return. I am a police detective now and hope to find the Price's.

Thank you for any and all help,

Can anyone help John? If so, please let me know -Editor

John Levicki

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