River Wissey Lovell Fuller

"Runnin' On,"

March 2004

Janet tells us about her friend!

Time seems to be passing more quickly than it used to do, I reckon it's because we are enjoying ourselves! We must be optimistic about the way our lives change all the time. I am not a naturally optimistic person, still, I've found the computer is leaving big gaps between the lines and I've actually asked for help and got it. For some reason there was no explanation in the computer book, probably the machine thought it was time I managed to use the panic button.

I thought you might like to hear about a very clever friend Mr T and I have, the things he says have us in fits when we go to visit him, he talks more when we are sitting in the room next to his and he's got a strong voice so we hear all his chatter.

There could be a comment on the weather, "Thats raining" or "Suns shining", sometimes a comment "It's cold". Obviously in a country like ours those are good starters to a conversation at any time. Our pal doesn't always get it right but he will chatter away especially if he's in another room and he wants to let you know he's there.

I bet the local garden birds get most confused when they hear the various bird calls from inside the house and a selection of telephone ring tones too! If we spend too much time talking over a cup of coffee we soon hear 'Coee' and then a polite question, "What are you doing?"

Sometimes when we have been chatting among ourselves we hear a plaintive plea, "Want a cup of tea" and then after a while, "Put the kettle on". When no refreshments have turned up question time starts. "Where are you going, going out side? Its cold!

If we sit quietly for a while the chatter starts up again with news that there are old chicken in the garden or, its bingo night, we sit and giggle knowing that we'll get more local news in a minute.

Sometimes we get asked if we want some porridge or even a kiss, now at our ages we don't get too many chances like that. It does seem a friendly offer too! Of course we take the offer of having a "Head rub" with a pinch of salt, we know it is a "Leg pull", well Brian might get head rub, I'd get a quick nip!

Mr T is very honoured, he is allowed to scratch Joey's head without getting a sharp nip, I've been caught out once too often so now I'm more wary. It is a true case of "Once bitten, twice shy!".

By now you will have guessed that our friend is a nine year old African grey parrot, who keeps his owners well aware of their duties by reminding them when it's "Time to wash up Joe" or "Get the washing in, it's raining"

Janet Tilburn

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