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March 2004

A quick review of books avilable this month from your local library

Featuring new titles available from Mobile and Branch Libraries in Norfolk

This month's new fiction titles are......

* Christopher Brookmyre - Be My Enemy - A "team-building" weekend turns into murder!

* Helen Fielding - Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination - From the white heat of Miami to the implants of LA, Olivia Joules pits herself against the forces of terror armed only with a hatpin, razor sharp wits and a very special underwired bra.

* John Grisham - Last Juror - The latest law drama from the popular author.

* Reginald Hill - Good Morning, Midnight - When Pal Maciver's suicide in a locked room mirrors that of his father ten years before, fingers point towards Pal's beautiful and enigmatic stepmother.

* Ian Rankin - Watchman - Miles Flint is a spy, his job is to watch and listen, then report back to his superiors, nothing more. However, Miles becomes involved with a suspect, a young Irishwoman, and is soon travelling to Belfast - a flight of terror, murder and shocking discoveries.

* Peter Robinson - Playing with Fire - In the early hours of the morning a man reports a fire on two old canal boats. A fire-fighter notices accelerant has been used but by the time Banks arrives, only the wreckage remains.

* Joanna Trollope - Brother and Sister - We all need to know where we come from, where we belong. But for David and Nathalie, this need is more urgent than for most people, because they are adopted.

Here are some of the latest non-fiction titles.....

* Sarah Beeny - Property Ladder, Profit from Property - Containing advice on how to make a career from property development as well as a sound investment every time, this tie-in to the Channel 4 series provides tips on how to make your house attractive.

* Leonie Frieda - Catherine De Medici, a biography - Catherine de Medici was half-French, half-Italian. Orphaned in infancy, she was the sole legitimate heiress to the Medici family fortune.

* Dave Gorman - Googlewhack Adventure - Dave Gorman falls under the spell of an obscure Internet word game - Googlewhacking.

* Tim Guest - My Life in Orange - In 1981 Tim Guest was taken by his mother to a commune in Suffolk. It was modelled on the teachings of the famous Indian "guru", Bhagwan, who preached a doctrine of eastern mysticism, chaotic therapy and sexual freedom. This is the story of a little boy alone in a house full of orange people.

* Lynne Truss - Eats, Shoots and Leaves - A guide to perfect punctuation, for everyone who cares about precise writing.

.......and for the children.....

* Malorie Blackman - Knife Edge - A razor-sharp sequel to the award-winning Noughts and Crosses set nine months later, the second in a series of three novels.

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