River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Our grandchildren

February 2004

A proud assessment of the next but one generation

Our Grandchildren

Our grandchildren are all very different,

They each have their own special ways.

Some grow to be clever,

And others seem to live in a daze.

We have eight of them all dedicated

To getting whatever they "need"

From mobiles, P.C.s and Playstations

To pets they don't remember to feed.

As youngsters they call round to see us

For the treats that they know we provide

Bringing drawings from school to impress us

With their talent, and we display them with pride.

And as they get older and visit

With boyfriends and girlfriends in tow

It's nice to know that we still matter

Thank goodness we reap what we sow.

M.A. White

M A White

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