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A Letter from John

February 2004

John bemoans the lack of trust in today's society

Dear Editor,

A Cautionary Tale!

Just before Christmas I went to Stoke Ferry to put a wreath on the graves of my Mum and Grandmother. After I had placed the wreaths on the graves I went to visit PENNY the dog I take for a walk when I visit. Since my friend had gone to the dentist and wouldn't be back until about two o'clock, I decided to take PENNY down the Cemetery. I hooked her lead on the gate and then went in and said a few prayers at both graves,

I had already hoovered and dusted before taking PENNY out, so I decided to sit on the seat in the Cemetery. I had my mobile phone in my pocket but hadn't bothered to zip the pocket. Alas the mobile must have dropped out when I got up.

Later, when I went to visit a lady in hospital I rang my mobile number and left my name and address on it asking for the phone to be returned to me. On Saturday, while I was having a drink and a snack before going to help with the Bingo in aid of Papworth Hospital, I was approached by a lady called Debbie who told me that another lady named Sue had found my mobile phone and would try to get it back to me somehow. Unfortunately, she did not give me either her or Sue's phone number.

I thought that Sue might post it to me but as yet I haven't received it. I was in Stoke Ferry today and ask at the local shop if they knew who Sue was, but without success.

So Sue, if you read the village Pump please phone me on 385905 and I'll try and get to you next time I'm in Stoke Ferry presuming you live in Stoke Ferry.

From your friend as always,


PS. It is now mid-January and I still haven't got my phone back. This has led to me missing several important appointments. But on the bright side, it does mean I don't have to pay for top-ups!


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