River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Role Models

January 2004

In praise of Jonny Wilinson


As expected, Jonny Wilkinson won Sportsview Personality of the year. This was not only excellent because of his achievements but because youngsters now have a new role model to follow.

It is essential that kids have such heroes and that such people are "squeaky-clean". Jonny certainly appears to be and represents a sport where discipline is a major factor. Whether this will have a knock-on effect to soccer, I rather doubt but the authorities would be silly to ignore the example of respect to referees shown in the World Cup. Could someone suggest to David Beckham, our other great role model, that he enters into a dialogue with the FIFA concerning the tightening of the disciplinary code? Any resulting decisions would almost certainly be followed throughout the game and especially by the grass-roots people, our children.

Graham Forster

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