River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter from John

January 2004

John bemoans the need to diet and life in general

Dear Ray,

The last time I went into hospital they weighed me and I was 16 stones 2 pounds. The last time I went to the Doctor he weighed me, and I was even heavier! I didn't panic, honestly. I have been told by different people not to eat this or not to eat that but my problem is that I comfort eat. I don't do diets; the last time I was in hospital I was next to a man on a diet and he got so constipated that he had a heart attack and died. I thought that was not a good recommendation for dieting!

I know I need to lose weight but I will do it in my own way and in my own time.

Just to add to my woes, I injured myself while travelling by Rail. I have made a claim and you can guess the result. I complained to my doctor and asked for physio, but I'm still waiting. How on earth should I go about getting help in these circumstances? Perhaps one of the Pump readers can help?

Happy New Year to everyone,



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