River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Runnin' On

December 2003

A miscelleny of Christmas poems from Janet.

The Nativity Scene

I stand and look at the stable scene now, wondering if the figures look how

They did, those many years ago, the little child in manger low,

Mary and Joseph, watching with care, and the shepherds marvelling there.

Travelling Kings were on their way to see the King of Kings that day,

A special King, a man of love, our Christmas gift from God above.

What does Christmas mean to me ?

What does Christmas mean to me?

Presents under the Christmas tree,

Carol singers in the lane,

"Away in a manger", once again.

I stand and think of the Christmas when

Mary and Joseph and Three wise men

Adored and praised the new born child,

Born to Mary meek and mild,

Laid to sleep on a bed of hay,

The Baby who gave us Christmas day.

This is what Christmas means to me.

Christmas cards

When the cards come tumbling through our letter box,

There are reindeers, chimneys, and Santa's socks,

Cheerful greetings wreathed in holly,

Robins, stars, and clowns so jolly,

Children singing carols sweetly,

Festive patterns,printed neatly,

But by far my "Specials" are,

The stables lit up by the star,

The baby sleeping in the hay,

The child who gave us Christmas day.

A Christmas present

Christmas jumper big and baggy, made with wool all soft and shaggy,

Light and lovely on your wellies, hides the pounds from cakes and jellies.

Come the Spring the thing will shrink, showing knees all slim and pink,

Ready for the Summer sun, sea and sand and all that fun.

The nursery play

The Christmas tree fairy was sagging a bit

Her sash was too tight and her shoes didn't fit,

The little toy soldier had sat on his hat

And now it was looking decidedly flat.

The snowman was hot in his cotton wool clothes,

Rudolf was daring to wiggle his nose!

The twins looked quite cute as the young Jack and Jill

With their big shiny buckets, they wouldn't keep still!

Miss Jones waved her arms and said, "Children calm down"

They thought she looked super dressed up as a clown.

To a room full of parents and uncles and aunts

The nursery children showed off their dance.

"Happy Christmas, Happy Christmas", they shouted with glee

As they skipped hand in hand round their big Christmas tree.

Janet Tilburn

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