River Wissey Lovell Fuller


December 2003

A gentle review of the way our lives are dictated at all times by priorities.

Have you noticed that as we go through life our priorities change, even though at the time we don't notice it happening?

As babies our subconscious, or even our instinct, tells us our priority is to attract attention when we are hungry or in discomfort and the best way to do that is to yell.

Getting mobile and learning to talk seems to be the next in line. I must confess however that as a parent wanting your child to talk and walk may be a priority at the time, but it's quickly followed by another, which is getting them to be quiet sometimes and to knowing where the heck they've got to when they are quiet!! It's a no win situation.

So as we grow up, exploring the world about us becomes a great fascination, and all the things in it.

Then comes school. I think my school life started on a high note and went downhill from there. I loved my first teacher Mrs. Bridges, and, when I moved to another primary school, Miss Sharman was another favourite of mine. Both were strict but fair, and you knew where you stood with them. After that I cannot say that my highest priority was to learn, just to get through each day and get home to play with my mates or pursue my hobbies.

What other priorities were there as I entered the dreaded teenage years? Well of course there was dealing with the old hormones for a start, then the spots. In my case it seemed to be more a succession of styes than a lot of spots. With my swollen lids I must have looked as if I was continually in fights. Didn't help much attracting the girls either!

Work followed school, the nice part of that of course was getting paid at the end of the week. Me and the lads could then go out for a meal, to the flics, or dances, and chat up the girls. Which was top priority!!

Adulthood brought a loving relationship, marriage, and eventually a family.

As the children grew, we enjoyed our family holidays. It always seemed when on holiday that, by the time we had decided where to visit and arrived at our destination, it was time for lunch. So the priority was then to find somewhere to eat. Somewhere that met with my wife's priorities of an establishment that was clean, and had a good menu. Of course it had to meet my priority of being not too expensive as well. So whenever we arrived at our destination the cry would go up. 'Where shall we eat?'

Now that the family has grown and flown the nest and we are feeling our age a bit, a different cry goes up as we arrive at our destination. 'Where's the nearest loo?'

It's all a question of priorities, like I said!

Ray Garrett

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