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December 2003

Graham raises objections to the way our Prime Minister be-little PM Questions in the House of Commons

A few months ago, our Editor asked for the odd bit of political input in the Pump. Such issues can be contentious so I can quite understand why there has been no follow-up to this.

However, I feel most strongly that it should be brought to everyone's notice the patronising and arrogant way our present PM treats Prime Minister's Questions on a Wednesday lunch-time. The final day the Ian Duncan Smith was at the despatch box, he said he would ask the same question that he had asked eighteen times previously. Not once had he received an answer, and once again Mr. Blair took great glee in frustrating him.

Surely the purpose of a session like PMQs is that questions should be answered. Otherwise, it descends into the disgraceful charade that it has now become. Not only is the electorate's intelligence being insulted, but also expensively paid (by us) politicians are just wasting their time. Apparently, he failed to answer over five hundred questions put to him by the previous Conservative leader - how arrogant, disgusting and what a waste of time.

I think the whole idea should be scrapped. Putting PMQs om television and radio was supposed to give us voters an opportunity to see parliament at work. No wonder the public's perception of Members of Parliament is lower than that of journalists and estate agents.

Graham Forster

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