River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the editor

December 2003

Support for the fine awarded against the British Post office

Dear Ray,

The Royal Mail are to be fined £7,000,000 by the regulator for poor performance. Do I think that this is right? Yes I do, although I am not sure about the amount.

Last year the Royal mail lost over one million letters, a small percentage compared to the flow-through but it is still one million. This year they have adapted their collection system so that you have no idea when your mail is going to be collected but that it certainly will be collected by a fixed time in the afternoon. Surely, this is like buying a rail ticket and waiting for the train to arrive knowing that it will not be after 5.30p.m., say.

Standards in all sorts of services have deteriorated in recent years. Will huge fines improve matters? I am not sure, but I doubt it very much.

Name Witheld

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