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Christmas Pudding

December 2003

This recipe can be made just a few weeks before Christmas but keeps for 6 months.

A pudding made in a 1.2-litre/ 2-pint basin will provide 10 - 12 helpings.

The recipe makes enough pudding mixture for a 1.2litre/2-pint basin plus a 300ml/ 1/2 -pint basin or

a 1 litre/1 1/2-pint basin and a 600ml/1 pint basin. Smaller puddings can be cooked with the larger puddings but need to be removed from the steamer slightly sooner.


225 g/8 oz raisins )

225 g/8 oz sultanas ) washed and dried

225 g/8 oz Currents )

225 g/8 oz fresh breadcrumbs, wholewheat or white

50 g/2 oz almonds, blanched and finely chopped

1 apple

Grated rind and juice of 1 lemon

4 small beaten eggs

250 g/9 oz moist brown sugar (try muscovado)

225 g/8 oz shredded suet

50 g/2 oz mixed peel

50 g/2 oz plain flour, wholewheat or white

1 rounded teaspoon mixed spice

3 tablespoons of sherry or brandy


1. Grease basins and place a circle of greaseproof paper or foil in the bottom of each. This will make sure the puddings turn out easily.

2. In a very large bowl, mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Make sure you get some help with the stirring.

3. Fill basins to 1 cm/ 1/2 inch below the rim. Do not pack the mixture in too tightly.

4. Cover basins with a bit of greaseproof paper, pleated along the middle and then with a piece of foil. Tuck foil securely under rim of basin.

5. Steam the puddings for 4 hours for the 1.2 litre/2- pint basins and 2 hours for the 600 ml/1 pint basins. The longer the steaming, the darker the pudding. If you do not have a steamer, stand basins on a trivet in a large pan of boiling water, put on the lid and boil. Do not let the water go off the boil and remember to replenish with more boiling water from time to time.

6. Remove puddings from steamer; take off paper and foil covers and leave to cool under a clean towel. When quite cold re-cover with fresh greaseproof paper and foil and store in a cool cupboard until required.

7. On Christmas day, steam puddings 2 hours for a 1.2 litre/2-pint basin and 1 hour for a 600 ml/1 pint basin or pressure cook to save time and fuelk.

8. Serve with rum sauce or rich brandy butter

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