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Solar Heaters

November 2003

A lifelong ambition to fit solar heaters goes badly wrong!

The Cottage

Methwold Rd


Stoke Ferry

King's Lynn

PE33 9TH


Dear Ray,

Re Solar water heaters

In May 2003 I decided to fulfill a long-held dream, using an unexpected legacy, to install Solar water heating. I knew that the savings were small and unlikely to repay the installation costs.

I used Smart Energy UK Ltd. The experience was unpleasant, I found. Appointments were made at short notice, then cancelled and changed at even shorter notice, or simply not kept. The system was finally in place on July 15th.I am now waiting for an assessment of the remedial work required to make it function properly and safely.

Others may well fare better but I would advise you not to take the risk.

Yours faithfully

Janet Burns (Mrs)

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