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Runnin' On -Holiday

November 2003

A graphic despcription of the Tilburn's holiday in Menorca

"Runnin' On".

We have been on holiday to Menorca for two weeks, it's lovely to be home again and once we had collected Toby from his holiday in the cattery we soon settled back into our usual routine. After two weeks of many choices of meals in a hotel, we're back to "What do you fancy for tea today?" a crafty move if I can't think of anything interesting and not too testing for my culinary skills.

Having been to the island and the hotel last year, we were quite at home with our surroundings and soon started out for one of our favourite walks. At the end of the road that our hotel was on we started along a track between high rocky cliffs. We had been there last year and really enjoyed the quiet and the views.

Beautiful black horses munched the grasses, flicking their tails to discourage the flies. We obviously were a very tasty alternative for the flies, I only hope they enjoyed their feast. At least it gave the horses a break. On our second walk this year we saw a donkey in a shallow cave in the rocks, the donkey started to bray as soon as we headed towards him, we took a fast decision to turn around and get back to our beaten track.

As we approached the rock wall at the start of the valley we saw another donkey, he bellowed out just what he planned for us if we got any nearer, we made an immediate decision to go back to the pub!

Eagles soared above the cliff tops, I don't know if they eat the large lizards that scuttle around on the cliff faces. Another bird watcher said there were vultures too but we didn't see any. We could hear water running in the undergrowth, as there is so much greenery it must permeate the soil along its way.

There was a dilapidated stone drain along the side of the valley; that must distribute the water too although it was dry when we were there. No doubt winter time will bring plenty of rain. We did have one wet day; it made the valley steam when the sun came out afterwards.

The beaches are beautiful, sandy coves can be reached almost by car, there are car parks, then a short walk will get you to the beach. Some places have a restaurant, last year a man selling juicy melons on the beach, but he wasn't there this year.

If you don't mind a walk there is around Cala Caldana a track to each of the local beaches, since we were there last year good wooden steps have been built down the cliff tracks. Last year we felt like mountaineers, with my short legs I was a liability, this year I was a much happier explorer.

This will be the last year that visitors to the island have to pay one euro each a day to fund improvements such as the steps and balconies at viewing places. We thought it was money well spent. I don't know what other people thought about it though.

Well that's a short account of a lovely holiday, the village shuts down completely for the winter, we only hope that the few cats we met there go with their families when they decamp for the winter!

Janet Tilburn.

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