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November Editorial

November 2003

The editor looks forward to the next 25 years of the Village Pump and makes a forecast of the winners of the Rugby World Cup.


And welcome to the second quarter of a century of the Village Pump! Thank you for all the kind comments made in our Anniversary issue; the plaudits really go to you our readers and contributors. We are only as good as you allow us to be.

I was particularly pleased by Chris Young's excellent Editorial. Wasn't it enlightening to learn about the early days and to hear about the Village Pump's attempt to influence such major issues as the By-Pass and the New Community Centre? Chris queried the current process so I have provided a short over-view of our monthly endeavours in a separate item (see page )

Graham Forster last month bemoaned the lack of sports coverage in the Pump. I live with a lady of somewhat forthright views and she said, why don't you write about people needing a good kicking? So, conditioned by Graham, I assumed she meant the England football and Rugby teams! But NO! She meant the politicians! Maureen feels that Blair and his mob must be made accountable (to quote the Archbishop of Canterbury) for their miss handling of the Iraq war, the NHS, Schools, Law and Order, Pensions, Public Transport to name just a few. She also feels that the Tory's need a good kicking to bring them to their senses; a lead in the uGov poll and still they fight needlessly over the leadership of the party and their stance on Europe and now an attempt to destroy Ian Duncan Smith with a smear of the lovely Betsy. But wait, Charlie and his lads don't escape her wrath. Why are they being so nebulous about so many things when their recent successes suggest they have a chance to build at least a credible second opposition?

So, to keep the peace, I will concentrate on the football and rugby!! Was there ever such a contrast between two of our major sports? The behaviour of Sven Goren Ericsson and his team of overpaid harlots was despicable. There are rules and Rio Ferdinand broke them despite his inane protestations that he forgot. He was told on the training ground and then in the dressing room one hour before he left to move home in Manchester City Centre!! Surprise, surprise, his immediate champion was Shop Steward Gary Neville acting on advice from Manchester United Football Club. What was even more stupid, the statement produced by the players used words of at least three syllables, which were clearly well beyond the comprehension of the so-called leaders of the strike ballot. Perhaps the inclusion of shop stewards may influence future squad selections? But at least the new Chief Executive of the Football Association, Mark Palios, has emerged as a strong leader!

Contrast this to the England Rugby team who, in my humble opinion, will have been crowned world champions before you read this dissertation. Their demeanour and exemplary conduct has done much to restore the pride in England's sport. Their sheer professionalism and dedication to the honour of their country has won friends around the world. Even the mighty Springboks, Wallabies and the world famous All Blacks respect them. What more can we ask? Win or lose, Clive Woodward's lads will have been the best ambassadors this country has produced in years (excluding of course our brave military lads miss-deployed in Iraq!) If past experience is anything to go by, these lads will - in the next few weeks - have been personally selected by Princess Tony and feted with OBE's CBE's and possibly even the odd Knighthood! Or am I being cynically?

Come on lads, I'm not biased, but lets just stuff the Aussies, the Springboks and the Kiwis!!

Swing low, sweet chariots. Coming for to carry back home. Swing low........


Ray Thompson

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