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Just my luck

November 2003

Ray bemoans the fact that he never seems to be lucky; with the lotto or even the Pump.


Like a lot of other people who play the Lottery, just a pound a week in our case, we check the numbers each week. It seemed a good idea that most of the money, according to Camelot, goes to good causes. Just what is a 'good cause' can be a matter of opinion, and of course opinions vary greatly, but that's another topic for another day.

So we jot down the numbers and compare them with our ticket. WOW! Just three more numbers and we could have won a tenner. The other week we were even closer, yes, two numbers off a tenner. It just goes to show that my glass is always half full, rather than half empty.

It is a prime example of my luck in life. I always find I select the wrong queue in the supermarket, and places like the Post Office or the Bank, although they have helped me greatly in recent years by having only one queue to stand in. Choosing the route that I think will have the least traffic on it usually ends up with me sitting in a jam while I watch the other vehicles whiz along. Oh well, I wasn't in a hurry anyway. If I submit an article to the Pump it's usually the one that gets a word changed or miss-spelt in the process, which can of course change or lose the meaning completely.

I do occasionally win a small prize in a raffle, but mostly I'm just supporting the cause. The other day at the Stow Hall open day I had a go on the Tombola stall and won a bar of Johnson's Baby soap. Well I ask you, at my age I'm too old to start a family, and my skin is too wrinkly to be softened up now!

Why me. Is life trying to tell me something?

But then I think life is like tossing a coin, there are two sides it can come up with. There's the material things, who wants loads of money? 'WE DO', I hear you shout. Yes it would be nice to be just comfortably off and not have to worry about paying the bills. Then there are the things which, to me anyway, are more important. Good health, a loving partner, a family which has grown up to become happy, healthy, and responsible adults. Who return the love and effort you gave them in their formative years, many times over. See, my glass is now more than half full!

So we soldier on counting our blessings and checking our numbers, who knows maybe our long lost friend ERNIE will get in touch one day. Knowing my luck, I'm not holding my breath.


Ray Garrett

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