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West Dereham Parish Council Minutes

October 2003

Minutes of the September meeting of the West dereham PC

Minutes of the meeting of the West Dereham PC held on Thursday 11th September 2003 in the

Village Hall at 8.OOp.m.

Present: E. Drew - Chairman, T. Manley, M. Grief, B. Glover, Miss Richardson, Mrs. Berry together with 4 members of the public.

Apologies: None

The Chairman then paid tribute to Phil Wood - a Councillor - who was killed in a road accident and asked all present to be upstanding for a minute's silence in his memory.

Minutes: The July minutes were agreed as a correct record and duly signed.

Matters Arising: Rubbish in Lime Kiln Road Pit - the July rubbish has been removed by the Borough Council and a further load has been dumped - T. Manley agreed to contact the Borough Council again. Footpath White Horse corner - this is going to be cleared and planings laid and rolled. Station Road outside the old Chequers has had work carried out but the surface is still very wavy - Chairman agreed to speak to the County Council.

Planning: Mr. & Mrs. Kenna - Replacement dwelling Tumbleweed, Hilgay Road, -recommend approval.

Planning Decisions: Mr. & Mrs. N.J. Saberton, Lime Kiln Road approved.

Payments: W.N.B.C. £5.00: Mrs. Hewitt £20.00 : C.G.M. Ltd. £200.00 proposed M. Grief seconded B. Glover pass for payment.

Correspondence: N.C.C. Draft Mapping of Open Country and Registered Common Land - maps awaited. W.N.B.C. Mayors Civic Awards: Notice for Advisory Committee for people with Disabilities: Norfolk Link: The Local Channel: all noted. N.C.C. Household Waste in Norfolk - confirmation that Option B has been adopted. Mrs. O'Grady - letter reference date Allotments were established, terms of the establishment, Parish Council accounts for the past three years and the, in her view, inaccuracy of the minutes. A reply is to be sent stating there are no records of the date of establishment of the Allotments only a record of rents received dating back to the early 1920's, no record of the terms of establishment and the accounts book can be inspected by arrangement at a time convenient to Mrs. O'Grady and the clerk. It is thought that perhaps there may be some reference to the date etc: of the Allotments at the Norfolk Records Office.

Any Other Business: Smeeth Drove is now impassable - Chairman to contact B.S.C. Hedge along Hilgay Road badly needs cutting - Chairman agreed to contact N.C.C. A discussion took place regarding the possibility of removing the hedge along the Allotments and constructing a footpath from the bungalow to Brooks Lane. This matter is being investigated. The Village Hall A.G.M. will be held on Tuesday 7th October 2003 at 8.OOp.m. There will be a Quiz night at the Community Centre on Saturday 11th October 2003 all are welcome at both these events.

The meeting closed at 9.OOp.m.

Parish Clerk

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