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Mo's Letter

October 2003

Riposte to Jean of Wereham!

Dear Ray,

As an ordinary villager in Stoke Ferry I feel I must reply to the somewhat biased letter, from Jean of Church Road Wereham, that appeared in last months Pump. I wonder where she has lived for the past few years? I have only lived in Stoke Ferry since 1997 but even I can see the significant improvements that have been made in that time to improve the look of our village. Yes, the bottom end of Lynn Road and the top of High Street both still leave much to be desired, but they are areas surrounding a working mill and a commercial fuel yard whose owners have tried very hard over recent months to clean up their premises and their surroundings. The roads are now swept regularly and many of the buildings have been re-painted. Also, the so-called tatty Bargain Shop has cleaned up yet another derelict building.

But my real objection to Jean's letter concerns The Millers Arms! Is she, I wonder, confusing the Old Duke's Head with the Millers Arms simply because the sign for the latter is attached to its' wall? The Dukes head could benefit from some more TLC but its owners, Grampian Foods, have already replaced the vandalised windows and tried to paint out the graffiti. But the Millers Arms itself has been greatly improved by Steve and Diane Bartram. They have provided hanging baskets and flower pots to offer a vastly improved entrance to welcome their customers and once inside, the range of activities and quality of service provided is second to none.

So please Jean of Wereham. Do get your fact right before you slander our village!

Mo (Full name and address supplied)

Stoke Ferry


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