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Guidance for women on how to protect themselves

October 2003

Some very sensible rules for ladies in this modern world


Police Crime Prevention Advice

Violent crimes thankfully are still comparatively rare: they account for only a small part of all recorded crime. Nevertheless, many people are frightened that they will be a victim. The risk of

this happening can be reduced further by taking sensible precautions.

When at Home

Draw your curtains after dark.

Use only your surname and initials in the telephone directory. A telephone extension installed in the bedroom would also be worthwhile.

When answering the telephone don't give your number.

Out on foot

Avoid short cuts through dimly lit alleys or across waste ground. Walk facing the traffic so a car cannot pull up behind you unnoticed.

Don't hitchhike or accept lifts from strangers. Cover up expensive-looking jewellery. Don't use mobile phones in open view.

If you are going to be out late, try to arrange a lift home or book a taxi. When you get home ask the driver to wait until you are inside.

If you regularly walk home after dark, consider buying a personal attack alarm.

If you are carrying a handbag, keep it close to your body. Keep your house keys in a separate pocket. If you think somebody is following you on foot cross the street ....more than once if necessary.

If you regularly go jogging or cycling, try to vary your route and time.

Self-defence is a last resort, if trouble can be avoided avoid it. Remember, escape is the ultimate aim, trust your instincts.

On public transport

Particularly after dark, try to avoid using isolated bus stops. Sit near the driver.

On a train, sit in a compartment where there are several other people-ideally near the exit at your destination.

When driving

Before going on any long journey make sure your vehicle is in good condition.

Plan your route in advance, using main roads as far as possible and have enough money and petrol. It's also worth carrying a spare petrol can.

Carry some change to make a public telephone call if you need to.

Keep your doors locked when driving in town and keep valuables away from open windows. After dark, always park in a well-lit, preferably busy area.

When you come back to your car have your key ready and check there is no one in the car.

If you are unlucky enough to break down and are waiting for rescue, sit in the front passenger seat. It is safer in the event of another vehicle hitting you as it is further away from traffic and any passing motorist will think the driver has gone for help and you are not a lone woman driver.

If you are a member of a woman's group or your workplace employs several other women, call the Community Safety Section at King's Lynn Police Station 01553 665037 and make an appointment for a Police Crime Prevention Officer to come out and give you a talk on personal safety.

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