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Whole Wheat Pancakes

September 2003

Another mouth watering recipe from the Village Kitchen

Wholewheat Pancakes

Makes 6 to 8 pancakes


125 g/4 oz wholewheat flour

1/2 level teaspoon of sea salt

1 egg

300 ml/ 1/2 pint milk

A little butter, oil or a piece of suet, to cook


1. Mix flour and salt in bowl and make a well in the centre.

2. Drop in the egg and begin to stir it in, adding the milk slowly until all the flour is incorporated.

3. Beat mixture hard or whisk it for 5 minutes. Put in a jug.

4. Heat a frying pan and grease it lightly with butter, oil or suet.

5. Carefully pour your mixture into the frying pan to make very thin pancakes. Cook until golden brown underneath and drying on top.

6. Toss or slip them over and cook until golden brown.

Ray Thompson

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