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Runnin' On

September 2003

Light hearted report from West Dereham

"Runnin' on"

Nothing very exciting to report about this month, I'm beginning to understand why the newspapers have such extraordinary articles just now. In our area there have been no sightings of scantily clothed beautiful persons of any age. It is probably too hot to pose on any wall or drape one's person over, across or on a fancy metal gate.

I firmly believe in shade bathing in private and clothes, Toby the black and white cat patrols the area until he too sinks down for a rest in the shade. I think West Dereham is on a par with many holiday areas, a freezer well stocked with cold delights helps and of course for exercise, there is always an excellent, if sometimes elusive collection of weeds hoping to escape detection in the borders! These shy weeds always manage to emerge when visitors drop in, they really do their best to out do the other plants, except when I'm on their trail of course.

I have several scraps of paper, I jotted down cryptic notes to myself, small reminders for my "Runnin on" this month. One news item I heard on radio 4 had news of a new type of glass, a leading glassmaker has developed a self cleaning glass for windows. "Whoopee", I shouted. Since then I haven't seen any advertisements for the wonderful glass, and it would have probably been an expensive project anyway.

I have tried to convince myself that window cleaning is good for me, the exercise will tone my body, I'd really like it stretched upwards a couple of inches, I'd clean windows all day for that! I doubt if I get employed though, however hard I try, whatever wonder product I use, the smears still appear and the sunshine highlights them wonderfully!

Just a small niggle about all the roadworks, when everything is finished and we are allowed full access again, why are there so many cycle lanes being ignored by cyclists? Kings Lynn is a shining example, pedestrians using the pavements don't even hear the bikers coming along behind them, don't bikers bother with bicycle bells any more? More to the point, is there something wrong with the cycle tracks?

Being a cyclist myself I appreciate the danger on the very narrow roads in our area, if I hear a vehicle behind me I'd sooner indicate that I'll stay right out of the way, even hop off and get on the grass verge to let a large lorry pass me. There was a time when motorists watched out for cyclists, most of them still do and for that I'd like to say, Thank you.

That's it for today, the garden beckons!

Janet Tilburn.

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