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Letter from Les

September 2003

Les throws in the towel

Dear Editor,

A few years ago I ask you if I could contribute to the Village Pump and you kindly agreed. As you know at one time I was sending you five articles per month. In addition, I also distributed the Pump to some 35 readers confident that one day that figure would exceed 100.

My thinking behind all of this was that I could see the Pump's potential and I wanted to play my part in helping it to 'move forward'. I even suggested that a change of title would be appropriate but this was not universally accepted. In addition I drew attention to the fact that if you, Mr. Editor - and I have said many times how fortunate the Pump is to have you as Editor - if you were to move your home just four miles away say to Northwold then you would have to resign your position. Yes, those rules may well have been implemented some 25 years ago but come, come; this is 2003.

As time has gone by it has become increasing clear to me that I was travelling down a completely different road to your Management Committee and with the advent of me now producing my own publication the time has come I feel for me to say to the Pump, 'Thank you and Good-bye'. I must not conclude however without saying a heartfelt thank you to you Mr. Editor! It was a pleasure working with you.

Les Lawrence

Les, I know that at times you have raised the hackles of some of our readers! But, in truth, your motives have always been to improve the Village Pump. Thank you for your support over the past three years; I personally feel that your off-beat humour will be sadly missed. Good luck with your new venture. If the copy I have received is an example, your humour and wit will not be entirely lost to the 21st century! Ray

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