West Dereham Sign Gary Trouton

Runnin' On

August 2003

The frenzied life around a West dereham birdbath!

"Runnin' on."

In our back garden we have a small shrubbery, the front part is planted with low growing plants that do their best to hang over the low retaining wall. How long the wall will retain all the soil and the plants is a bit of a concern. Everything seems to grow very well on very little sustenance.

Some time ago my daughter gave me a birdbath to enhance the shrubbery, there was just enough space for it and it soon started to attract the garden birds. The old frying pan that had sat under the trees still has its uses, it is alright for a quick drink but very easy for cats to watch!

The birdbath had a life sized bird perched on it as part of the design and we've always smiled when a sparrow cosied up to it, however this morning we watched as a young blackbird perched on the bath edge. After staring at the water for a while the youngster dipped his beak in it and had a drink, refreshed he started his grooming routine but he obviously wasn't satisfied with the results.

With a careful hop the blackbird landed in the water, he stood for a while, whether he was savouring the moment or just working out his next move we will never know. We watched with bated breath, I wondered if his parents were watching too!

Suddenly the youngster ducked, or should I say black birded, decision made, he wallowed in the cool water and then hopped onto the bath edge and shook himself vigorously. Of course all his feathers now needed sorting out again, I giggled very quietly.

Yes I know, you are now wondering which planet I came from, well I could be just enjoying myself enormously and why not?

I must mention our old hobby of woodpecker watching, we saw only one this winter, I hope they are still around somewhere.

Janet Tilburn. August. 2003.

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