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Minutes of West dereham Parish Council

August 2003

Minutes of 10 July

Minutes of the meeting of the West Dereham Parish Council held on

Thursday 10th July 2003

In the Village Hall at 800p.m.

Present: P. Drew - Chairman, Mrs. Berry, T. Manley, M. Grief, P. Wood, B Glover together with 6 members of the public.

Apologies: Miss Richardson and P.C. Bell

Minutes: It was agreed that the minutes of the June meeting be signed as a correct record.

Matters Arising: Rubbish in Lime Kiln Pit - it was confirmed that the Chairman had met Mr. Hepburn and the ties have now been removed. It was suggested by Mr. Hepburn that maybe two notices indicating NO TIPPING could be provided by the Parish Council but after a discussion it was felt that this would be a waste of public money. Mr. Manley agreed to speak to the Borough Council and ask if the papers and rubbish in Lime Kiln Road could be removed. The pot holes in the Parish have been repaired and the Bridleway from. Station Road to Roxham has been cleared. The verge from the Village Hall to the Community Centre has been cut and a letter of thanks is to be sent to Mr. Shropshire for arranging this cutting.

Planning: S. Nurse Plot 2 Station Road - amended plans - recommend approval.

Payments: C.G.M, Ltd. £696. 56 - proposed T. Manley seconded P. Wood - pass for payment.

Correspondence: Standards Board booklet: Norfolk Accident Rescue Service: donation request: Office of Deputy Prime Minister - Code of Conduct: all noted.

N.C.C. Modification of the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way - this item is to be discussed at the Public Meeting which is scheduled for 24th July 2003. W.N.B.C. - Representation on the Stoke Ferry LD.B. - the Parish Council decided not to put forward a member.

Any Other Business: Footpath on bend opposite the Old White Horse corner - a debate took place regarding the surfacing of this and it was agreed that firstly the adjacent householder be contacted and then the Chairman will speak to the County Council. A letter is to be sent to County Hall requesting a list of what and how much is permitted to be deposited at the Waste Recycling Centre at Crimplesham by any one private householder. Strong feelings were expressed about the fact that Station Road has been tarred and chipped just a few weeks ahead of major scheduled resurfacing works also it was felt that this may well impede the investigation works as to why a large area of the road is sinking. The investigation is being carried out jointly by the County Council and Anglian Water as it is thought that maybe there is a leaking or broken/damaged water main causing the problem.

The meeting closed at 8.5Opm

Parish Clerk

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