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Letter from the mythical MA White

August 2003

Grampian may be better for the community than you think!

Dear Editor,

As soon as I read the July edition of The Village Pump I felt the need to write and say how much I, and I'm sure many others, agree with the letter about a small number of people who seem intent on criticising Grampian Foods at every opportunity. I would be very surprised if any of these Committee Members ever use any of the facilities which some of us depend on and which we would surely lose if this village became another Shouldham, or, nearer to home, Boughton and West Dereham. And if, as they seem to want, we lose a major contributor to the prosperity of Stoke Ferry, then we would surely end up like them; no shops, no Post Office and even no school.

Not everyone in the village owns or can drive their own car! What about the people who would lose their jobs if Grampian closed? Would the committee find them alternative employment and transport?

According to Mr. Harrison (The Village Representative on the Liaison Committee) we also seem to have our own type of cough; caused no doubt by Grampian Foods. I really must ask the doctor about this one and get it reported in a Medical Journal. Also, I wonder if his daughter who is allergic to Grampian Foods might perhaps like to get some Anti-Allergy tablets from her doctor before she visits us again?

Sorry, but I cannot resist writing a little poem:

To the people who don't like Stoke Ferry

Why not move house and try to find

Somewhere that they think is perfect.

So that they, like us, can find peace of mind?

Before I end this letter, may I just say to Mr. Les Lawrence -"Whatever makes him think that anyone with half a mind wants to read the sort of rubbish that he writes?" I only read his latest offering because of our Editor's article at the beginning of the Pump, which I hope he has read and understood!


MA White

PS Could we please be reminded at some future date, who now sponsors the cover of the Village Pump?

Editor's note We do not currently have a sponsor for the Pump cover although I believe in the past there was such a person. However, our 25th Anniversary cover (the October edition) will be sponsored, in all its glory, by the majority of our advertisers and local businesses.

M A White

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