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Letter from Graham Forster

August 2003

Runnin' On is the greatest

Dear Ray,

I very much enjoyed "Runnin' On" last month. Janet Tilburn is of course right - Radio 4 provides excellent programmes. As a child, I remember being glued to the set at 5pm every day to listen to Children's Hour (it was the Home Service in those days). The variety of articles and plays were very good and many famous actors cut their teeth on this programme. Unfortunately, "Just William" was never dramatised which was a pity because, as like Janet, I was an avid reader of Richmal Crompton's books. However, quite recently Martin Jarvis read about half a dozen of the books (on radio 4, of course) and they were well produced.

Like Janet, I also like listening to old comedy shows. There is a programme on BBC Radio Norfolk every Sunday at 4pm, called "Radio Times" presented by John Taylor. It is a mixture of music, classical and popular, taken from years gone by (he actually played an1896 recording off an old wax disc on one occasion). There are also comedy items and I was delighted to listen recently to Robb Wilton - what excellent material he wrote and his timing was superb. You will hear lots of things that are awful but it is worth persevering for the gems that are in the programme.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Forster

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